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What's this Business Starter Bundle™ about, Nachole?

Hi! I'm Nachole Johnson!

I'm a nurse practitioner and serial entrepreneur, who's been right where you are many times before I finally found a system that works. When I first started my business I was lost, frustrated, and didn't make a profit for many years. I didn't know what I was doing and didn't have a solid plan.  

The Business Starter Bundle™ is the resource I wish I had when starting my first business. Through trial and error of starting and running my businesses, I found the process easier each time since I already had a loose guideline of what to do.  And I've consistently made profits from my business that has continued to grow.

I've packaged all of my knowledge into this resource for nurses who want to start a business, but don't have a clue about how to do it. The Business Starter Bundle™ will even work for existing business owners who aren't seeing the growth they'd like to see in their business. 

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The Business Starter Bundle™

The Business Starter Bundle™ helps you get clear on your business!

The Business Starter Bundle™ allows you to explore your most profitable business idea so you can actually profit from your business.

Learn how to launch your product or service idea without undue stress like a project manager!

Who can use the Business Starter Bundle™?

The Business Starter Bundle™ will work for any type of or brick-and-mortar, product or service based, solopreneurs or teams, aspiring business owners or those already in business!

Grab The Business Starter Bundle™ today...


Now only $47!

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Here's what you'll learn inside the Business Starter Bundle™:

How to plan your business the proper way! From an idea to conception to future growth. A business without a plan gets you nowhere! 

How to find your most profitable business idea so you're nurturing a business...not a hobby!

How to launch your product or service to your ideal customers like a project manager! 

How to leverage free or low- cost resources to maintain your daily operations and maximize your profits! 

How to price your services like a BOSS! We all know how hard it is to price intangible services like coaching or consulting, but with my services calculator, you'll never have that problem again! 

Learn how to track and manage your monthly business finances so you'll always make a profit!  

Did I mention that you can launch your business in less than a month? 

Yep! Cut out all of the unnecessary confusion on what steps to take and what to do next.

I've been there, done that so you don't have to! 

The Business Starter Bundle™ business plan is solid

Grab The Business Starter Bundle™ today...

Now only $47!


Who's The Business Starter Bundlefor again?


If you're a team of one, it can be hard to do it all! The Business Starter Bundle™ simplifies the process until you're ready to outsource!


I know blogging can often be placed in the "hobby" category by some, so that's why I've also included a specific business plan for bloggers outlining the best ways you can make money blogging. 

Service Providers

No matter what service you provide, figure out what your minimum viable service price should be in order to have a sustaniable business. I've even broken it down into 3 main package items so you can get an idea of what to charge.

Coaches & Consultants

This bundle is perfect for coaches and consultants! Like general service providers, it's hard to put a number on your services, I've fixed this for you! 

"Wait...what if I have a team?"

Why wouldn't you want to eventually grow to have a team working for you? 

The Business Starter Bundle™ was created with growth in mind! 

I mean, I know you're a super entreprenur and all, but we both know you can't do it all alone!

What's included in the Business Starter Bundle™?

  • Detailed Business Plan

    A fully editable, customized business plan...I even have one specific to bloggers!

  • Find Your Profitable Business Idea Workbook

    Stop spinning your wheels when it comes to business ideas.

  • Business

     Starter Checklist

    An easy checklist for starting your business so you don't forget anything.

  • Password Tracker

    You'll have a lot of passwords when you start, keep them organized. 

  • Price Your Services & Products


    These calculators are worth their weight in gold for new business owners! Figure out your pricing and budget with these beauties!

  • Business Resource Workbook

    You don't have to go endlessly searching the web for business resources since I have them listed here! 

  • Social Media Calendar

    Manage your social media postings with the social media calendar. Three versions are included!

  • Launch Like a Project Manager Checklist 

    As a project manager, I'll give you the scoop on launching...I've even thrown in some email templates for you! 

"Holy moly, that's a lot of stuff, Nachole!" is! And I didn't even mention the tech tutorials and 28-day business starter gameplan that are included. 

The Business Starter Bundle™ is worth waaay more than I'm charging. 

My goal is to help as many nurses take the leap to start their own businesses. Not working an MLM business that I see so many nurses gravitate towards. 

I don't want you to put off starting your business...I want you to get started TODAY.

The Business Starter Bundle™ shows you how to:

  • Create a detailed business plan that takes into account startup and plans for growth

  • Determine what your best products or service offerings should be for your business  

  • Price your products and services confidently

  • Properly launch your product or service without all the stress 

  • Get your business up and running in less than a month!

Get your Business Starter Bundle™ today!


Now only $47!

FAQ's About The Business Starter Bundle™

How do I get access to everything? 

As soon as you purchase, you'll be able to download your goodies!

Will this work for non-nursing businesses?

Yes! The Business Starter Bundle™ is not industry-specific. 

Can you use this for an MLM business?

I'm sure you could use some aspects of the Business Starter Bundle™, but you won't reap the full benefits since many MLMs already have guided business plans. 

What's your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of The Business Starter Bundle™ and the fact that you could implement it so quickly, refunds are not offered.

Stop procrastinating and get started on your business today!

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Now only $47!

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