ReNursing Edu is a website dedicated to hard-working nursing professionals. Our backgrounds are broad, and our education varies, but we are united by the common goal of advancing education. 


What does ReNursing mean?

ReNursing is a term that represents a nurse using his or her nursing education to the fullest potential. ReNursing can be switching specialties, advancing a degree, or starting a business. 


The first step to ReNursing is to get your mindset correct. You must embrace this journey with a positive mindset to build the best career for you. 


What Can ReNursing Edu do for me?

The ReNursing Edu website features educational resources and legit business ideas and advice specifically for nurses. 

This means: 

  1.     Each topic covered relates directly to the profession of nursing (no matter what educational level) 

  2.     You can start your ReNursing journey in your spare time

  3.     If you're starting a business, you don't need a huge startup budget

Through my own experiences and those of whom are featured on Renursing Edu, I will share the successful strategies of ReNursing for career advancement and Renursing for starting a business. 


Are you ready?

There are many ways to get involved in the ReNursing Edu community to reach your goals. 

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3.     Use our resources to your benefit. We offer CEs, educational resources , helpful blog posts and more for the nurse who is looking to ReNurse and elevate their career!


What's Next?

After you've done the 3 things to be involved with the ReNursing Edu community, here's your homework:

1. Define your you want to start a business or advance your education? Be specific!

2. Begin researching what YOU need to know to get started on your venture.

3. Email us here and let US know what YOU need! We will try our hardest to provide you with the most comprehensive educational resources available!


Take action on your decision to guide your time in the right direction so you can get the most out of ReNursing Edu. 



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